Why Hoover Law Firm?

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Our Legal Approach

Hoover Law Firm has successfully tried more personal injury cases than any other attorney in the State of Colorado and we provide our trial results in writing. These are not settlements. These are trial results where the jury verdict beat the insurance company’s best and final offer, often double, triple or ten times more of a greater recovery than the low ball offer from the insurance company.

Ethical Legal Expertise

  • More Personal Attention: Unlike some personal injury law firms, we will not accept all cases brought to the firm just to make a quick buck. We believe in taking on select clients, and giving them more personal attention. We are absolutely unwilling to rush a case settlement or trial. Rather, we give each case and every client the attention they deserve.
  • We encourage you to investigate your legal options: We would prefer that to make the right decision for your life. We want you to investigate your options and make a well informed decision when choosing the Hoover Law Firm to represent you.
  • Quality Time with Clients: There is no substitute for the time of getting to know one another. To create the strongest team, it is necessary to know a client in every way which includes getting to know their family, their work, their injuries and especially how their injury has affected them.
  • Lower Overhead, More Reasonable Fees: We intentionally avoid large advertising campaigns like many of the personal injury firms you see on TV or hear on the radio that have become household names. We do this to keep our overhead as low as possible, allowing us to afford to charge reasonable fees competitive with any attorney in the state.

About Our Attorney

  • David Hoover
    Born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Personal Injury Attorney, David S. Hoover obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Speech and History from...

Contact David Hoover to discuss your case now. We go to trial when necessary:

  • Distinguished Dignity: We fight for you, we will not just accept what an insurance company offers.
  • Compassionate and Understanding
  • Ferocious Competitors (against the defense).
  • Dominate & Destroy the dishonest medical expert witness doctors (hired by insurance companies) that try to minimize your pain and suffering.
  • Give Credit to the Judges – it’s a difficult job.
  • Courageous: We are not afraid to expose the attorneys who never go to trial for their clients when they should. As previously stated, over 90% of personal injury attorneys have never tried a case.
  • Mentor Younger Attorneys to be the best trial lawyers they can be; they are the ones that will help the injured in the years ahead.