About Insurance Companies

Insurance companies internally track all personal injury cases tried in Colorado or they contact the Colorado Jury Verdict Reporter that provides the victim’s attorney’s trial records. If the attorney is a settlement attorney, one who only settles cases, the insurance company will make a lower offer.

If the insurance company respects or fears the attorney, they pay more for settlements. A successful attorney with a winning record will have a greater chance of winning your case in front of a jury and will get better settlements out of court, also.

If the attorney has never successfully tried cases and beat the insurance company at their game of paying as little as possible, the insurance company will make a low ball offer and pay only what they want to pay for a claim – not what is full and fair value to the injured victim. If an insurance company knows that an attorney has lost at trial time after time, they will offer less out of court. It makes sense doesn’t it?

Who is afraid of anyone who won’t fight or who has a losing record?

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