The Simplicity of What is Priceless?

I have over 30 years experience in practicing personal injury law in the State of Colorado. So many clients, trials, arbitrations, settlement conferences, so many horribly hurt people.

How many of you think there are too many lawyers and too many lawsuits in this country? I do, but, how many of you think there should be justice for an injured mom, dad, or child who is horribly hurt in an accident that wasn’t their fault.

Should an injured person have the right to recover money when they lose income for long periods of time from being out of work when they are recovering from an injury? Would you personally need money if you lost your income for a long period of time if you were injured? Should the negligent person or drunk driver and their insurance companies be responsible for the medical costs if somebody is horribly hurt?

The answer in most cases is that juries believe people should be compensated if the facts support their case, and the victim is honest and forthright.

Is there something in your life that is precious? If you hunt, fish, ski, hike, bike, golf, do you look forward to those things with the change of seasons? If you are a grandmother and you knit, crochet, and cook for your children and grand children for the holidays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, or simply Sunday dinner, and garden, take care of your husband, is that something you hold dear? Does your family value you and need you? Do these things as you have moved on in life help define who you are?

If you’re a young mom or dad and have babies, elementary, junior high or high school children, what is the value of holding a baby, wrestling & tickling a pre-schooler, taking them to a park or to the zoo? What is the value of counseling your junior high child who is having issues with peer group pressure, encouraging your teenagers to try to work hard, to grow up to be a good citizen to get a job and possibly go to college.

How would you feel if these precious things were suddenly taken away from you if you were in a traffic accident? We all drive by traffic accidents, we are curious to see the police cars, sometimes an ambulance, sometimes a fire truck. In the back of our minds we deny that this could ever happen to us. Across the state of Colorado people are injured in motor vehicle accidents every day and the injuries that they sustain permanently change their life.

In the beginning of my trial years, as a lawyer, the damages that were obvious left out some of the precious things that I just am now discussing. Obvious damages in most personal injury cases include the payment for medical expenses for hospital and surgical care, and the loss of income for a hard working man or woman. Usually jurors award value for permanent pain and suffering. In many cases in my past there were beautiful young women and sometimes a man that was horribly scarred forever and the jury, in many occasions would make a fair award for the obvious. The less obvious damages, though was for the things all of us love doing, that are our passions.

We earn our privileges in life, the extras. We earn respect from bosses, family, friends, neighbors, and from time to time we earn respect from even the people that we compete against whether it’s in school or in business. We earn our retirements and the time after work is over, where hopefully we will have a chance to do some of the things that we have not been able to do when we work day in and day out. These things and respect cannot be purchased, it cannot be given and it cannot be inherited. When you are hurt, that hard earned respect that we spend years trying to gain, feels like it slowly ebbs away.

Why do I ask what is priceless? If you are injured in an accident and you ask an insurance company to pay you for the special parts of your life, the priceless and precious things, like the joy of interacting with your family, the joy of being in the outdoors in Colorado, and doing the many things we love doing, the insurance company doesn’t care one iota. The value of your case to an insurance company is statistically generic. You’re an X on a balance sheet, and the bean counters (accountants) for the insurance company see you only as a contingent liability, not the special person that you are. They don’t give a hoot for the things that you love to do in life.

If you have been injured in an accident and you want justice, do you think that your family, friends and neighbors will lose respect for you if get into a fight? I believe it’s the other way around. Nobody disrespects a man who stands up for his family, or a woman who puts it all on the line for a child. There is only one way to get respect. You have to earn it, and in a case against an insurance company you have to fight for it.

If you need a lawyer with a career of earning respect by trying case, give me a call. I’ll send you a synopsis of the many cases that I’ve tried. I am sure that many of you have watched television and have seen numerous yellow pages ads where a lawyer says “I’ll Fight For You”. Oh baloney. Why don’t they say “I’ll try your case for you” and be direct. The fact is that many lawyers will not go to trial no matter what.

I sure have been in a lot of court rooms in this state, the funny thing is, I don’t see any Strong Arms, Bulldogs, Bears, or Bull frogs, because they don’t try cases. When, I’m in court, I do see some of the best insurance company lawyers that exist any place in America doing their best to victimize and hurt innocent clients, who are not afraid to ask for justice and not afraid to get into the fight. So instead of saying I will fight for you, I will say something different, I will try your case for you and I will provide the proof to you that I’ve tried more than my share of successful cases. I am proud to be personal injury lawyer in the State of Colorado. For a free consultation call 1-800-400-5407 or contact me.

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