Trial vs Settlement

As one of Colorado’s best trial attorneys, David Hoover, will fight for you if you’ve been injured, through no fault of your own. David will fight to get the most amount of money for your injuries and losses, especially if you have permanent lifetime injury, impairment and loss of income.

You’re entitled to fair value or full compensation for your injuries. Speak to an expert attorney prior to accepting any offers from your insurance company.

To get the greatest amount for your case, hire a trial attorney with proven trial results.

Hire an attorney who is trial tested, trial tough and trial ready. Don’t ever hire an attorney until you have seen their trial record in writing.

What You Should Do Now

If you are researching a personal injury attorney, ask for the lawyer’s trial record in writing, look at the actual jury verdicts, so you can make some informed decisions about who to hire.

Ask the Question: Has the lawyer actually tried cases to a jury and obtained jury awards or verdicts that are consistently greater than the last or final offer of the insurance company?

Let me make a prediction … the attorney who has not successfully tried cases will attempt to change the subject and will say, “…I have tried many cases.” That could be true, but were they personal injury cases? Trying a criminal case is not the same as trying a personal injury case. The evidence is completely different. The attorney may try to change the subject and say your case will settle – don’t worry.

I estimate that over 90% of the attorneys who claim to specialize in the area of personal injury cases have never tried even one personal injury case successfully.

All they do is settle. That doesn’t dignify the practice of law and hurts victims.

That is why you need it in writing.

ALWAYS Ask for a Trial Record

Getting an attorney’s trial record in writing should be the standard for anyone that is hurt and looking for an attorney. How would you feel if you found out that your lawyer has never tried a case? An attorney winning his or her first trial when the insurance company’s lawyer has tried dozens of trials, is the theme for movies, but is not reality. It’s not very likely the attorney could try a case by “learning as he goes.”

How would you feel if you hired an attorney who tried 27 personal injury cases and lost 23 of them? Would you be scared, mad, worried, or anxious that your lawyer would be able to successfully obtain fair value or full compensation for your injuries by being successful in the jury trial?

By knowing a lawyer’s experience in the courtroom, it will allow you, as an injured victim to make an informed decision about hiring a lawyer. By knowing the record of an attorney it will allow you to assess the chance of obtaining a fair amount of money both in a courtroom at trial or by way of settlement.