Auto Accidents

Auto AccidentsIf you’e been injured in an auto accident and need information call David Hoover.

There is no charge or consultation fee for contacting us. It’s a confusing time for anyone hurt in an auto accident. In every case, preservation of evidence is monumentally important.

Advice after Auto Accidents

  • Preserve the evidence of the damage to your vehicle. Use your cellular phone to take pictures of your vehicle, have family members take pictures or contact us and our photographer will take pictures.
  • Don’t allow your vehicle to be fixed or totaled and then taken away without pictures being taken. If your vehicle is totaled consider keeping it until your personal injury case is concluded.
  • Start a file to keep all information including medical records, police exchange of information forms, letters from any insurance company, etc.
  • If you know the name of any witness, don’t lose it.
  • Take pictures of any injury as soon as possible and continue to take pictures as the injury heals.
  • Don’t give the insurance company a written or recorded statement until you talk to a lawyer.