Contingent Fee Agreement

The work that I do is completely dependent on success and we work with contingent fees.

A contingent fee agreement, essentially, is a fee arrangement between the attorney and the client where the attorney is paid if he’s successful. That’s different, for instance than almost any other endeavor of the law because everything else is based upon percentage or flat rate.

So, if I’m not successful, first of all, my client isn’t successful, but then, my firm isn’t successful.

And so, we work with a standard contingent fee arrangement where I advance all costs and that is a huge, huge undertaking because in some cases, the costs may be as much as, well, certainly tens of thousands of dollars.

I’ve had case after case where they were over a hundred thousand dollars and I had to have the money to put into the case.

So, we work out a percentage, and advance all costs.

Contingent Fee Agreement was last modified: March 26th, 2014 by David S. Hoover

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