Q?What are the Costs?

We advance all costs of litigation. People who are hurt may not have money to pay the costs to go to trial to enforce their rights.

  • Before you hire a personal injury attorney be sure that the attorney is advancing all costs, and get it in writing.
  • The biggest costs of enforcing your rights are not for filing fees to file a law suit or deposition fees to take the testimony of opposing witnesses; it is the cost of having your doctor come to trial to testify. It effectively shuts down that doctor’s office for the time they spend to testify and it is expensive. An attorney who advances all costs obviously believes in your case and in himself.
    Will I need to pay any money to get started? – No. You will not need to pay us any money to get started. We work on a contingent fee bases, which means we do not get paid unless you get money in recovery.
Q?How Do I Know if I Have a Case?

Personal injury cases are based on the law of negligence. To have a case, there are four elements that must be proved:

  1. There was a duty to exert reasonable care in performing acts that could harm others
  2. That duty was breached
  3. Breaching that duty cause injury
  4. Damages resulted from the injury. (Damages may include medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, etc.)

Because Colorado is a comparative negligence state, this means we must also take into account how much negligence each party was responsible for. In Colorado, a plaintiff cannot recover damages if their percentage of fault is equal to or greater than the defendant’s.

Q?Should I Accept a Settlement or Go to Trial Before a Jury?

Deciding whether or not to accept a settlement or go to trial can be a tough decision. We will present you with the pros and cons of trial vs settlement. We will provide you with as much information as possible regarding the perceived fairness of the settlement offer, but the ultimate decision is always yours.

Q?Do I Need an Attorney or Can I Do This On My Own?

There are two reasons why hiring an attorney is a smart idea:

  1. Insurance Companies – Even if it’s your own insurer, insurance companies may not have your best interest in mind. The most important thing for them is their bottom line, which usually means they will try to pay you as little as possible. Studies show that individuals recover more for their auto accident case if they are represented by a personal injury attorney.
  2. Preserve Legal Rights – It is much easier to preserve your legal rights if you have an expert personal injury attorney working for you. The various laws and protocol are complex and demanding, and by hiring a professional that knows these laws through and through, they can help you navigate through the process, and take the case to trial if necessary.
Q?What Do I Need to Know About My Case Before Contacting Your Firm?

We like to obtain as much information from you during the initial contact. As much detail as you can provide about your personal injury case is helpful. While not mandatory, it helps to have an accident report, insurance claim numbers, and copies of your own insurance policies at the time of our initial interview.

Q?What Can I Expect From My First Appointment With Your Firm?

You will meet with a professional, experienced personal injury attorney on your first appointment with our firm. We will allow plenty of time to meet with you and discuss your potential claim. During this first appointment, we will discuss the facts of your case and explain the personal injury laws as they might apply to your case.

Q?Who Will Handle My Case?

All cases are handled by an experienced, senior trial attorney. Your case will never be assigned to an inexperienced attorney. You will have a telephone number to call at any time to answer questions and solve problems.

Q?Who is on Your Staff?

Our Colorado Personal Injury firm has an expert and efficient staff. Every person in the firm has over 11 years of experience in personal injury litigation.

Q?What is Your Philosophy?
  • Unlike some personal injury firms, we will not accept all cases brought to the firm just to make a quick buck.
  • We are very meticulous and careful about the clients we represent.
  • We would prefer that to make the right decision for your life, that you investigate your options and make a well informed decision when choosing to have our firm represent you.
  • We believe in taking on select clients, and giving them more personal attention than anyone. We are absolutely unwilling to rush a case to settlement or trial. Rather, we give each case and every client the attention they deserve.
  • There is no substitute for the time of getting to know one another. To create the strongest team, it is necessary to know a client in every way which includes getting to know their family, their work, their injuries and especially how their injury has affected them.
  • We intentionally avoid large advertising campaigns like many of the personal injury firms you see on TV or hear on the radio that have become household names. We do this to keep our overhead as low as possible, allowing us to afford to charge reasonable fees competitive with any attorney in the state.
Q?Where is Your Office Located?

Our office is located at 2145 Kipling Street in Lakewood, Colorado. We take pride in the fact that it is quiet and private which allows us the time to meet and get to know clients.