1. Stop Procrastinating - Do it now, and stop putting it off. You never know when trouble can arise, and this is an important decision that will affect your family.
  2. Consider Quality - Life insurance is not something to scrimp on. Shop for quality when shopping life insurance. Find a company that has top ratings for financial strength, and that claims paying ability from the four major rating agencies (these four major rating agencies are Fitch, A.M. Best, Moody's, and Standard & Poor's)
  3. Understand the Products - Become knowledgeable on what you're buying. Make sure you understand the products inside and out, and ask to see how random assumptions can impact your premiums, coverage, and cash values. Remember, they will always show you the "best case scenario"
  4. Tell the Truth - When filling out your life insurance forms, be 100% honest with your medical history. If you omit items, there is the chance the...
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