December 2007
ŸAge 71 - Broken ribs - Permanent injuries to the neck and mid-backŸ
Total medical expenses:  $47,828
Final offer before trial:  $125,000


John B. Gonzales and Betty Gonzales v. Beco, Inc.

Case No: 06-CV-1616

Judge: David W. Crockenberg

Trial Dates: December 5 - 7, 2007

Plaintiffs' Attorney: David Hoover (Law Office of David Hoover)

Defendant's Attorneys: Brandon Hull and Meredith McDonald (Overturf McGath Hull & Doherty, PC)

Type of Claim: Personal injury - rear-end truck/semi collision and loss of consortium. John Gonzales, 71, was driving his scrap iron truck north on 1-25 on May 5, 2006, when his truck was struck from the rear by a semi-truck owned by the defendant, Beco, Inc. The defendant's driver said he was presented with a sudden emergency because the plaintiff's truck had no lights on the back and was moving very slowly. The defendants also said that the...

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