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Defective Motorcycle / Auto Collision – Douglas County

August - September 2008
ŸFracture of the pelvic girdle - Chronic pain in legs and back - Sexual dysfunctionŸ
Total medical expenses:  $94,176
Final offer before trial:  $100,000
TOTAL JUDGMENT:  $2,005,439


Michael A. Bomer vs. Thunder Mountain Custom Cycles, Inc. and Ociel Castanada

Case No: 06-CV-176

Judge: Paul A. King

Trial Dates: August 26 - 29 and September 3 - 5, 2008

Plaintiffs' Attorneys: David S. Hoover (The Hoover Law Firm) and Michael L. Poindexter (The Law Office of Michael L. Poindexter, PC)

Defendants' Attorneys: Thunder Mountain Custom Cycles: Bruce A. Menk (Hall & Evans, LLC) Ociel Castanada: Stacy Spurlock (Lasater & Martin, PC)

Type of Claim: Product liability - defective product (claim against Thunder Mountain Custom Cycles) and personal injury - motorcycle/auto collision (claim against Ociel Castanada settled during trial). In 2005, Michael Bomer, 48, purchased a new Blackhawk 240 custom "chopper" motorcycle from Thunder Mountain Custom Cycles...

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Motorcycle Accident – Morgan County

November 1997
ŸLeg fractureŸ
Total medical expenses:  $17,976
Final offer before trial:  $5,000


Larry W. Meese v. Walter Wayne Heitschmidt and Marion Heitschmidt

Case No: 96-CV-90

Judge: Joseph J. Weatherby

Trial Dates: November 17 - 19, 1997

Plaintiff's Attorneys: David S. Hoover and Michael J. Harvey (Hoover Law Firm)

Defendant's Attorney: James M. Bruce (Quigley & Bruce)

Type of Claim: Personal injury - one vehicle motorcy­cle accident. This accident occurred on July 23, 1995, on County Road S in Morgan County. The plaintiff was riding a motorcycle on a dirt road adjacent to the defen­dant's property when he encountered a muddy area in the roadway. The plaintiff alleged that the muddy area was caused by the defendant's irrigation pivot sprinkler which had over-sprayed onto the dirt road. The plaintiff lost control of his motorcycle and fell, at an estimated speed of 17 mph. The defendant denied...

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