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The winning verdicts that I have provided on this website have been published with the permission of the Colorado Jury Verdict Reporter and I believe I am the only attorney that is giving you “proof positive” results in writing of documented wins. I challenge any lawyer in Colorado to do the same.

My trial record speaks for itself. I have consistently, through jury verdicts, obtained compensation for injured victims that was double, triple or even ten times more the low ball offer of the insurance company. The jury determined what was fair value.

Personal Injury Cases Hoover Law Firm Won Successfully

Automobile Collision – Larimer County

January 2010
Soft tissue back and neck injuriesŸ
Final offer before trial:  $50,000


Katherine Gamora and Robert Gamora N. Ivan Ruiz and Palo Alto Inc. d/b/a Taco Bell

Case No: 08-CV-442

Judge: Jolene Blair

Trial Dates: January 19 - 22, 2010

Plaintiffs Attorney: David Hoover (Hoover Law Firm)

Defendants' Attorney: William R. Meyer (Polsinelli Shugart, PC)

Type of Claim: Personal injury - rear-end auto colli­sion and loss of consortium. Admitted liability. Katherine Gamora alleged that she was injured when the individual defendant, Ivan Ruiz, rear-ended her vehicle when it was stopped at a red light. At the time of the collision, defendant Ruiz was an employee of Palo Alto, Inc. d/b/a Taco Bell. The defendants admit­ted liability for the collision and disputed causation and damages. The defendants claimed that plaintiff Katherine Gomora's vehicle had no visible damage and that she had only seen an orthopedic surgeon three...

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Slip and Fall – Larimer County

December 2009
Chronic low back painŸ
Final offer before trial:  $75,000


Jon Coelho v. Washington Properties IV, LLC

Case No: 08-CV-297

Judge: Stephen J. Schapanski

Trial Dates: December 1 - 4, 2009

Plaintiffs' Attorney: David S. Hoover (Hoover Law Firm)

Defendant's Attorney: Steven J. Dawes (Light, Harrington & Dawes, PC)

Type of Claim: Premises liability - fall on exterior stairs. On July 17, 2006, the plaintiff, Jon Coelho, was visiting a friend at the defendant's apartment building located at 1414 East 7th Avenue in Loveland, Colorado. The plaintiff said that as he descended the outside wooden stairs, one of the stairs broke and the plaintiff fell and injured his back. The plaintiff claimed the defendant had failed to exercise reasonable care in the maintenance of its property as there had been notice­able prior repairs to the stairs. At the time, the plaintiff weighed approximately 440 pounds and...

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Automobile Collision – Mesa County

September 2008
Chronic pain in the back and neck - Injury to the left thumbŸ
Final offer before trial:  $50,000


Sammy J. Brown vs. Michael J. Weigand Case No: 03-CV-578

Judge: David A. Bottger

Trial Dates: September 9 - 11, 2008

Plaintiff's Attorneys: David S. Hoover (The Hoover Law Firm) and Jeffrey R. Hill (Jeffrey R. Hill, PC)

Defendant's Attorney: Angela K. Wood (The Law Offices of Scott Tessmer)

Type of Claim: Personal injury - automobile collision. Sammy Brown was driving her vehicle in Grand Junction, Colorado, when it collided with a truck driv­en by the defendant, Michael J. Weigand. The plaintiff said that the defendant had exited from a parking lot, failed to yield, and entered the plaintiff's lane of travel. The defendant denied causation and disputed the nature and extent of the plaintiff's injuries and damages. The defendant said that the plaintiff had sustained...

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Defective Motorcycle / Auto Collision – Douglas County

August - September 2008
ŸFracture of the pelvic girdle - Chronic pain in legs and back - Sexual dysfunctionŸ
Total medical expenses:  $94,176
Final offer before trial:  $100,000
TOTAL JUDGMENT:  $2,005,439


Michael A. Bomer vs. Thunder Mountain Custom Cycles, Inc. and Ociel Castanada

Case No: 06-CV-176

Judge: Paul A. King

Trial Dates: August 26 - 29 and September 3 - 5, 2008

Plaintiffs' Attorneys: David S. Hoover (The Hoover Law Firm) and Michael L. Poindexter (The Law Office of Michael L. Poindexter, PC)

Defendants' Attorneys: Thunder Mountain Custom Cycles: Bruce A. Menk (Hall & Evans, LLC) Ociel Castanada: Stacy Spurlock (Lasater & Martin, PC)

Type of Claim: Product liability - defective product (claim against Thunder Mountain Custom Cycles) and personal injury - motorcycle/auto collision (claim against Ociel Castanada settled during trial). In 2005, Michael Bomer, 48, purchased a new Blackhawk 240 custom "chopper" motorcycle from Thunder Mountain Custom Cycles...

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Bus Lift Accident – Jefferson County

May 2008
ŸInjuries to the low back necessitating two surgeriesŸ
Total medical expenses:  $264,000
Final offer before trial:  $400,000
TOTAL JUDGMENT:  $1,108,731

Marcy Seldon and Dan Seldon N. Busco Inc. Arrow Stage Lines and James DeHaven

Case No: 06-CV-3787

Judge: Randall C. Arp

Trial Dates: May 13 - 20, 2008

Plaintiffs' Attorneys: David S. Hoover (Law Offices of
David S. Hoover)

Defendants' Attorneys: Peter F. Jones and
George Koons, III (Hall & Evans, LLC)

Type of Claim: Personal injury - accident - and loss of consortium. Marcy Seldon, the plaintiff, was injured on January 25, 2006. She was a volunteer for Clement
Senior Center in Lakewood, Colorado, when she picked up Louise Weech, who was handicapped and in a wheelchair, to accompany her on a trip to Blackhawk.
Defendant Busco Arrow Stage Lines owned the bus that transported the plaintiff and Louise Weech. Defendant James DeHaven was the...

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