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Resources and Expenses

Expenses are a critical issue in having any personal injury case in your firm. A criticism of a lot of attorneys would be that when they have a client come into their office and say "I will fight for you!"

The lawyers that are perennial winners, they are well funded and that comes from years too. The young lawyer coming out of school or the lawyer that's around for 5 or 10 years, he doesn't have the billfold. I excuse the expression, but it's that simple.

To be able to take on these cases, you have got to have the resources for those cases.

When they're trying to out spend you, you simply have to put the money up. And people that are hurt, people that are hurt, they don't have the money to hire an engineer or to even pay the doctors. You know, a lot of...

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David Hoover’s Trial Record

I'm going to give you an alarming statistic about attorneys in the state of Colorado that do personal injury.

That statistic is that 90% of the practicing attorneys in the state of Colorado have never tried a personal injury case. 90%. Let me break down the other 10% for you. Out of the remaining 10%, 5% and that would take you to 95%. That other 5% are lawyers that do personal injury work that have tried, one, two, three, four cases. They might have lost half of them. And out of that 5% is an even more alarming statistics. There are attorneys that are perennial losers.

There's an attorney is with a firm that has become a household name in the state of Colorado, that since the year 2000, he's lost 24 out of 28 personal injury cases.

So mixed in with the lawyer that doesn't try cases,...

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Slip and Fall & Premises Liability

I do slip and fall cases, premises liability cases, collapsed cases, where for instance parts of building collapse. Parts of buildings collapse and somebody is badly hurt. They're difficult cases.

The core of my practice has always been auto litigation, but I've certainly have tried slip and fall cases. I think I tried the biggest rotator cuff case in a slip and fall case in the state.

I had a older woman, a 71 year old, who was hurt in Loveland, Colorado at King Soopers.

A young man was pushing boxes, a stocker, and he pushed a box into this very nice older lady and he hurt her. And she went down and she had a torn rotator cuff.

The insurance company offered her $30,000. The jury gave her over $700,000.

When that happens, you know something is, one, somebody is very badly hurt. She did have surgery, she was...

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Another Lawyer’s Trial Record vs. David’s

If you ask the attorney, "Will you give me your trial record in writing?" and that attorney says to you, "Don't worry about this, don't worry about this, your case is going to settle."

That's when you should worry about it. You should worry and go wait a minute. You don't know that your case is going to settle. What happens when the insurance company, for the injury that you've had, offers you 10 cents on the dollar, 20 cents on the dollar, but you know, "My case is worth more than that." But you've got an attorney that won't fight.

It's the simplest thing in the whole world. What you do is ask the lawyer to provide to you a record of his trial victories, his trial wins and he should say here, here it is. And so what you have in front of you is a...

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Judges in San Luis Valley

I think early on in my career I was very lucky to be there and you know I've tried a number of cases with a man named Cass Garcia. I think Cass, along the lines of being one of the best trial attorneys in the state.

Mostly he did criminal cases, but he had an incredible group of people that trusted him.

He was kind enough to let me come there and try cases and I would be the personal injury attorney and he would help select jurors. That gave me an understanding of how things worked in the San Luis Valley. I'm not talking about five or ten cases, I'm talking about dozens of cases.

And those trials, I think I'd learned things here, when I'm in federal court and the courtroom is bigger, the judges sit way up on a great big platform. I see them...

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