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Your Case Is Our Mission! David strives for excellence in each and every personal injury case he pursues.


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Injury Attorney in Colorado Hoover Law Firm is the #1 choice for personal injury claims throughout Colorado.


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Lakewood Personal Injury Lawyers: What to Do after an Accident? 

  • Preserve the evidence of the damage to your vehicle. Use your cellular phone to take pictures of your vehicle, have family members take pictures or contact us and our photographer will take pictures.
  • Don’t allow your vehicle to be fixed or totaled and then taken away without pictures being taken. If your vehicle is totaled consider keeping it until your personal injury case is concluded.
  • Start a file to keep all information including medical recordspolice exchange of information formsletters from any insurance company, etc.
  • If you know the name of any witness, don’t lose it.
  • Take pictures of any injury as soon as possible and continue to take pictures as the injury heals.
  • Don’t give the insurance company a written or recorded statement until you

Meet the Lakewood Personal Injury Lawyers at Hoover Law

Our expert  Lakewood Personal injury lawyers have successfully tried more cases than any other lawyers in Colorado and we provide our trial results in writing.

David S. Hoover - Personal Injury Attorney in Colorado

Attorney David Hoover

We are the only Lakewood Personal Injury Lawyers willing to publish our trial record. As shown by our trial results, we have proven experience and ability to win cases that get you more money.

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Lakewood Personal Injury Lawyers that fight for you!

You don’t pay us ANYTHING until we win your case. We will work with you completely on a contingent fee.

Personal Injury Attorney Denver

Attorney Ike Lucero, Jr.

We’re able to get MORE MONEY for you by avoiding common mistakes made by less experienced attorneys. In many cases, our clients receive higher settlement offers from their insurance company.

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5 Reasons to Call Hoover Law Firm’s Lakewood Personal Injury Lawyers for your Auto Accident in Colorado

Colorado Car Accident Lawyers like David Hoover have experience representing injured clients in car accident cases at trial and knows the right strategy for your case.   Through a combination of aggressive representation and technical expertise, Personal Injury Attorney, David Hoover will help you get the results you deserve!  Click here to read about our Colorado Car Accident Lawyers 

  • Trial Experience.  Mr. Hoover has over 35 years of trial experience ranging from simple fender benders to catastrophic/severe injury cases, including death and incapacitation.
  • Proven Trial Record.  When you come visit Mr. Hoover for your initial consultation, ask him to show you his trial record and he will gladly provide you with his distinguished trial record.
  • Quality Settlements.  When a personal injury attorney earns the reputation of being a trial lawyer, insurance companies tend to make better settlement offers.
  • Compassion for our clients.  We understand that a personal injury, even a minor injury, can be a life changing experience and we empathize with your situation.  We take the legal burdens off your plate so you can focus putting the pieces back together after your accident.
  • Zero Fee Guarantee. There is no obligation to pay our firm legal fees for services provided to you unless we win you money at trial or though a settlement offer.
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Trial Experience Most Important Factor When Selecting Lakewood Personal Injury Lawyers for your case

  • 90 % of personal injury attorney Denver, Co have not tried a case
  • Trial lawyers know how to win cases and get money from juries
  • Trial lawyers know the value of your case




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